We’re there for our clients every step of the way

For 23 years we have been managing legal cases.

From advising our clients, negotiating on their behalf and appointing and instructing a lawyer to litigate for them. We manage all aspects of the legal dispute. Because of our long standing history and vast panel of mediators and lawyers, we are able to negotiate all inclusive fees for you that could save you thousands of rands.

Our services have been used in professional environments and we service many legal insurance providers and commercial clients. Our clients include The Foschini Group, Absa, The Telesure Group and various SMMEs.


With a team of admitted attorneys, we are available to answer any question you have in a quick and effective manner. We are able to guide you in the right direction and clearly explain any legal process you might consider or find yourself in.


Mediation is the art of settling disputes by listening, discussing, and compromising. It allows both parties to reach an amiable settlement without having to go through the stress and trauma of a court case.

Independent African Mediation is a professional company employing over 100 expert mediators. For the past 23 years we have developed our expertise in the field of alternative dispute resolution. We have a firm understanding of legal process as all mediators are legal practitioners that have been trained in the art of mediation. We understand the benefit that mediation brings, and can guide you through the process.


We have over 450+ law firms across South Africa who work with us. Due to our long standing relationship and knowledge of legal processes and procedures, we are able to manage the case flow effectively, saving you on unnecessary fees and ensure you know what going on at what time.

We appoint the attorney for you and assist you in instructing the attorney. We get regular updates on your case and make sure you know what is going on along the way. The biggest complaint people have with legal cases are that they are left in the dark and the fees are too high. With us on your side, you’ll understand every step of the way and be rest assured that you are not paying exorbitant fees.